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All Terrain: Hill Trials

Drive up and down to the mountain, rush uphill and travel to the most remote corners of the earth!


You will experience the adrenaline of high-speed climbing and unique landscapes at the wheel of various allterrain vehicles.

Upgrade and race your SUV to improve results. Get bonuses for doing dangerous tricks up and down to the mountain. Collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even greater peaks.

Drag to switch
Choose your vehicle and drive!
Many different cool 4x4 cars, jeeps and trucks with
unique driving capabilities.
Get to know how our game works, which equipments are effective and the pre-history of events in the All Terrain: Hill Trials If you have any questions you can write to us

Main features

The game has a few features that expand possibilities and diversify gamer experience

  • You can upgrade different parts like engine, suspension, 4WD transmission and many more.
  • Ride numerous unique levels with different surfaces and landscapes, like mountains, snow peaks, deserts sand and so on. Enjoy unique hill climbing experience.
  • Excellent clear graphics and perfect physical simulation.Game is highly optimized for all devices and runs smoothly at 60 fps.
  • Realistic cool sounds effects after driver pumping the engine.
  • Intuitive control. Use your gas pedal to tilt car forward and brakes to tilt it backwards.
Play and enjoy!
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